Patapsco is strictly intermediate terrain including log overs (up to 3′ tall, and individual logs up to 10″), rocks, stream crossings, very steep climbs, root covered climbs, 12″ wide trails, and in general pretty technical. It’s not the water shed, but it is demanding. Please understand this is an intermediate ride due to this terrain.

We currently need lights on the way out of the park and with the start of day light savings will be starting in the dark. Please be prepared! If you are looking for a cheap decent light see “what to bring” below.

Waiver: Mountain biking is a risky sport, By signing up for this meetup you are agreeing to our waiver located here: , as well as you will need to sign the standard MORE waiver prior to leaving on the ride, as we will be legally riding in the park at night.

Where/Directions: Rockburn Elementary School

What time: Meet between 5:45 and 6:00 at parking lot. Wheels rolling by 6:00. We will not wait past 6:00.

Pace: Pace will be Intermediate, approx. 7-8 mph. Appropriate for average to riders, but not for beginners, or people who are not riding at least once a week. Attitude is laid-back and friendly, but please ensure you can handle the pace and length of this ride before committing. This is a no-drop ride, i.e., we wait up for everyone at intersections. (Please survey your current fitness, as no one likes to be the one person holding up a larger group). Please also note Ptap rides tend to be about 1 mph slower than Rosy, or Fairland, due terrain.

Terrain: Ranges from Easy to Difficult. Most trails are in great shape, but plan on some mud spots. There are a few very steep climbs, rocks and technical sections, log overs (up to 10″ logs, and 3′ stacks), tight single track (12″ wide in spots), and a stream crossing or two. A strong/advanced rider will be able to clean most sections, others will need to get off of their bikes in spots. This is a friendly ride, so we will wait up for everyone, just be advised that the terrain can be somewhat difficult in places. This is a video edit I made of a ride this year. We won’t hit all of this terrain, but gives you a feel for Patapsco:

Distance: With days starting shorter, the rides will be a little shorter, but I’m still trying to maintain about 15 to 17 miles. Exact route will change depending on group dynamics, trail conditions, daylight, etc. I will typically have route planned in my head at the beginning of the ride, but will modify as needed to get us back at a reasonable time. Distance will grow with more daylight.

Duration: I shoot to have us back around 8:30, so around 2 1/2 hours. This can change with mechanical issues, and group dynamics though. As this is a weekday ride, the stops will be just long enough for the last rider to catch their breath. Note: wheels roll at stated time, so please don’t be late.

Bring: Helmet (required), water (as much as you can carry), spare tube/patch kit, pump/CO2, multi-tool, I.D., emergency contact info where it can be easily located on your person, and a good attitude, as this ride is as much about camaraderie as it is about riding. Take a look at your bike and make sure it is in good working condition (Ptap will take its toll on the bike). Bring a light, as you will need it with the days starting off shorter, and the eventual start in the dark. There are ton of acceptable lights under $20 on Amazon right now. Just look for a T6 Cree LED Bike light, with minimially 1000 lumens.

Weather: Shine Only (there will undoubtedly be some mud, but no ride if it’s raining or the trails are too muddy). Protect our trails and don’t ride them when they’re fragile. There may be days where I make a last minute call, so watch our MVD Mountainbikers meetup event, our Facebook group, as well as the Patapsco After Dark Facebook page, as I will cancel and cross post on all three.

Ride Organizer(s): Craig P.

Craig P, 4four3-5zero9-zero8one1; skibum616 at yahoo dot com


January 30


05:45 pm - 08:45 pm

Click to Register:

MVD Mountain Bikers


Rockburn Elementary School

6145 Montgomery Rd

Elkridge, MD, US, 21075

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